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2021-2022 Travel Basketball Rosters

Updated Tuesday 10/26 at 3:00pm

Over the past several weeks the MYB Board of Directors along with some wonderful volunteers conducted evaluation sessions for the 2021-2022 travel basketball teams.  This is always such a challenging process since we love and appreciate the passion that so many kids have for the sport, yet we unfortunately are not able to place every child on a team.  


We are still waiting to confirm teams and coaches for a few age groups.


The tryout results are below are posted for for all of the kids that made the team.


Boys 4th Grade

Coach Amato: Luca Amato, Braeden Brown, Owen Cormier, Ardany De Leon, Christian Haywood, Cole Ketchi, Joey Pirrotta, Xavier Rivera, Kamden Shuford, Grayson Webster

Coach TBD: Ethan Alves, James Bower, Rafael Costa, Enzo Da Silva, Tiago Dos Santos, Harrison Grinnell, Logan Hurley, Zachary Kirejczyk, Lucas Machado, Benjamin Putnam, Lajayceon White


Boys 5th Grade

Coach TBD: Conor Bowe, Jason Haywood, Michael Ihechukwo, Luka Kakish, Christopher Kirejczyk, Gavin Ott, Grayson Sanford, Drew Stanhope, Jack Wadman, John Whittier

Coach Miner: Christian Andrews, Chase Langer, Davi Magalhaes, Arthur Miner, Finn Murphy, Joshua Omalley, Noah Russell, Kevin Spacek, Quinn Torpey, Diago 


Boys 6th Grade

Team 1: Coming Soon

Team 2: Coming Soon


Boys 7th Grade

Coach MaraMason Correa, Anthony DeOliveira, Elijah Dilone, Jace Estabrooks, Joel Gonzalez, Liam Gough, Dominic Gould, Ethan Hobin, John Hobin, Jason Leblanc, Daniel Mosca, Timothy Walsh, Eddie

Coach Zompetti's Team: Liam Bennett, Julian Claro, Filipe Costa, Frank Davis, Jack Finocchario, Shay Gorman, Phil Hayden, Emanuel Lemes, Anikait Mazumder, Isaac Medrano, Justin Webb


Boys 8th Grade

Coach Oglesby's Team: Jeliel Alcoba, Filipe Assuncao, Shea Brock, Grady Cormier, Andrew Laidley, Mason Oglesby, Arron Pridgeon, Kyle Provost, Jonathan Sewajje, Ryan Wood

Coach Tucker's Team: Jack Cincotta, Maddox Gatner, Max Gaudette, Sincere Greene, Sheamus Mahoney, Kyle Mayes, Alijah Monroe, Luciano Perdicaro, Salvatore Perdicaro, Miller Tucker


Girls 5th Grade - Coach Ketchi

Juliana Campbell, Savannah Elpidio, Caitlyn Jeffers, Kali Ketchi, Sophia Nieves, Sydney Phillips, Inaya Saez, Alanna Segrin, Sarah Silva, Dylan White, Parker White


Girls 6th Grade - Coach Provost

Karina Alcoba, Yasmin Bernandes-Peira, Caroline Binkewicz, Alexandra Boutwell, Anabel Brooks, Fiona Fagan, Kiara Huerta, Jaylen Jarmman, Kelly Provost, Lily Rosenau, Zoe Seymour


Girls 8th Grade - Coach Reynolds

Emmaline Bowles, Marisol Burgos, Sofia Castillo, Kaelyn Deneen, Tess Ketchi, Rosie Martinez, Bella Miele, Lilian Murphy, Natalia Nicolazzo, Betsy Powell, Kenley Resendes, Emma Reynolds, Mackenzie Tesmer


Please note, if your childs name is not listed then they unfortunately did not make the team.  We understand this can be difficult and we encourage ALL players who were interested in travel to participate in the Metrowest Boys & Girls Club basketball program.  This is a terrific program that is both a lot of fun, and also helps develop some key basketball skills to prepare for the future.  Learn more and register for the boys and girls club program here.


Many of the kids have already heard Coach Chris Parrinello say this during the sessions, but one of the top players on the Marlborough High School varsity basketball team did not make the A travel team in 7th grade.  He was passionate about basketball, put in the effort, and went on to be a star.  So please don't let the children who didn't make the team get discouraged.  Get them involved in boys and girls club, practice with them at home or at a court, and keep trying!

by posted 10/21/2021
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2/1/2020      Lisa Rubenstein        $50.00

2/2/2020      Ajitha Pawar             $50.00

2/3/2020      Nancy Peterson        $100.00

2/4/2020      Grace Horn               $50.00

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2/10/2020    Desmond Guarino    $100.00

2/11/2020    Kelly Joyce               $50.00

2/12/2020    Lisa Maxfield            $150.00

2/13/2020    Jess Rosenau           $50.00

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